on rainy days ^^
Wednesday, 14 December 2011 • 4:52:00 pm • 4 comments
when the world turns dark
and the rain quietly falls
everything is still
even today , without a doubt
i can't get out of it
i can't get out from the thoughts of u
now , i know that it's the end
i know that it's all just foolishness
now i know that  it's not true
i am just disappointed in myself for
not being able to get a hold of u because of that pride

on the rainy days u come and find me
torturing me through the night
when the rain starts to stop , u follow
slowly , little by little , u will stop as well

when its the type of day that u really liked
i keep opening the raw memories of u

making the excuse that its all memories , i take a step forward
i don't even make the effort to escape

now , i erased all of u
i emptied out all of u
but when the rains falls again
all the memories of u i hid with effort
it all comes back , it must be looking for u

to YOU ,
now there is no path for me to return
but looking at your happy face
i will still try to laugh since i was the one
without the strength to stop u

what can i do about something that already ended ?
i'm just regretting after like the stupid fool i am !

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